1. Today was corset presentation day at DMU, at it all went quite well overall! this is my lovely model Laura sporting my bridal compression corset which was inspired by historic Royal weddings and British wild flowers 

  2. Today’s achievements: A basic strapless bra and a cradle-less padded bra.

  3. what i acheived in embroidery class this week

  4. my home for the next year!

  5. so glamourous

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  6. please fill out my product survey!


    ALL GIRLS: this is for a uni project i am working on and it wont take long it would be a big help! please share!



  8. UNLIKELY STYLE INSPIRATION: #3 Maddie Magellan of BBC’s Jonathan Creek

    Please don’t call me crazy, I know this one is pretty out there. But oh wait, she’s another nineties character; what a surprise! 


    Played by Caroline Quentin, she was my favourite of Jonathan Creek’s side kicks, but most will probably say that she is one of the least stylish or demure. She was, however, the one who inspired me to go and buy my current handbag. I searched for ages for one exactly the same as hers (which I believe is a ‘Coach’ bag) and I finally found a similar one in the fabulous vintage store Beyond Retro for a mere twenty quid. It’s not even anything special, it’s just a faded black leather bucket bag. I was just desperate for it the moment I saw her with it in the ‘Jack in the Box’ episode, and then every other episode for the next three series.



    She did wear a few jazzy shirts as well that I wouldn’t mind wearing myself.   



    My boyfriend and I decided to both come up with a list of five people who we definitely wouldn’t kick out of bed, no matter what the circumstances and obviously we weren’t allowed to get mad. So whilst he’s drooling over Kelly Brooke, I thought I’d share my top bang-tidy males (there are more than five cause i couldn’t decide).

    #6:Danny Zuko

    Well obviously he is just a character, and i dont exactly fancy john travolta in general and especially not now, but back in the days of grease he was rather dishy. I thinnk he is the reason i’ve watched the film so many times.

     #5: Matthew Lewis

    This one is pretty recent, and i’ve only just noticed it since seeing him on bluestone 42, but woah when did Neville Longbottom get gorgeous? also I love a good northern accent which is what does it for me as well as the new pretty face. Those new teeth were absolutely money well spent.

    #4: David Beckham

    Cause who doesn’t love a bit o’ becks


    #3: Alex Turner

    Mostly cause of his sexiness and incredible talent. His voice is the sexiest though, I could just listen to him talking for hours in his beautiful Sheffield accent.



    Dougie Poynter 

    A childhood favourite of mine. He’s well fit and super funny.



    #1: Ryan Gosling

    Obviously. Anyone who doesn’t put him at the top of their list has something wrong with them. What makes him all the more attractive is the fact that he’s a genuinely nice guy (so I have been told). 



    AAAAAAHHHHHH perfection.




    Famous for her laziness, excessive chain smoking and rather tacky fashion sense, this is one that is one of the most unlikely of mine. Even so, it was after I re-watched all of the original nineties episodes that I became obsessed with Caroline Ahern’s character. 

    While I’m not quite drooling over her Adidas leggings or gold sovereign rings, It was the Royle Family character that inspired me to go out and buy a coffee coloured lippy and cut a fringe into my hair. 



    Okay perhaps this one isn’t so unlikely!

    I’ve always loved the nineties, I think fashion wise it is one of my favourite eras. This is mostly because of how easy it is to dress: throw on a pair of leggings and an over sized shirt et voila! you’re good to go. 




    Recently I’ve been watching a lot of the early episodes of friends after I got the box set for Christmas last year, and I have fallen even more in love with Rachel Karen Green. I mean she’s always been my favourite, but before I hadn’t realised how much effortless style she carried in the early episodes. She had a number of different styles, all of which I love. One is the cute high-waist mini skirts she wore with her little aprons which show off her incredible pins. Her laid back lounging outfits even made her look incredible. She often rocked the faded denim look too, and managed to pull of dungarees without looking like a small child (something i am yet to achieve). 

    I know she isn’t a real person and all that but I just want to be her really.



    I was really excited at the beginning of this corset research project but now I’m pretty fed up with it and I just cannot get into it at all.

  13. Went to London for the day, which started off as a purely educational trip: visited the museums to get clued up for our corset project, it was all rather interesting. Although, in the end we decided shopping on Oxford street would be more fun!

  14. Lovely trip to London with the contour girls!


  15. pressure

    So my second year has started already, and everything I do from this point onwards actually counts towards my actual degree… and right now I have a essay to write on the history of the corset, so i best get cracking